I am thrilled to be able to offer professional Nurse-Midwifery services utilizing an individualized approach catered to your needs. I understand this is rarely available and want to maintain a sustainable practice in order to continue offering high quality care as a solo provider. In order to make my services available to as many people as possible, I have become an in-network provider with CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield, Amerigroup, and Maryland Physicians Care. As I am currently the only homebirth provider and solo CNM offering hospital births in the Baltimore area that is in-network with insurance companies, I utilize a Concierge Model of Care. This allows you to use your insurance coverage and it allows me to continue offering high quality care while keeping my patient volume low to enable long visits, 24 hour availability, and more.

Included in my Birth Package:

  • All Prenatal Care - usually 8-12 visits, including one home visit at 36 weeks for homebirth clients
  • Prenatal Visits are 30-60 minutes long on average to ensure all your questions are answered. I offer flexible appointment times, including evenings, so they fit into your schedule. When you arrive for your scheduled visit time you rarely have to wait.
  • I draw your blood in my office so you don't need to go to a lab
  • Referrals for ultrasounds and genetic testing as desired
  • Attendance during labor and birth
  • Birth pool if desired
  • Initial Newborn assessment at birth
  • 3-5 postpartum visits, including 2 in your home: at 24-48 hours and 1 week postpartum. An optional 3-4 week visit and a standard 6 week visit are included. Occasionally a family will request an additional visit if they have concerns.
  • Regular availability from 9am-9pm on a non-emergent basis for questions and concerns
  • 24 hour availability for emergent issues and labor
  • Availability by cell phone, text, and email
  • There is no additional fee for the birth assistant

The fee for this Birth Package for all clients is a birth retainer fee of $2000. This retainer fee holds your spot  in my schedule as I only take 3-6 clients due each month to ensure I will make it to your birth. This fee does not go toward your deductible.

If you have insurance with CareFirst, Amerigroup, or Maryland Physicians Care, this fee covers services not covered by your insurance, including the birth assistant, travel/gas costs, tub rental, midwife's birth supplies, breastfeeding support, and childbirth education. The full fees for care are still charged to your insurance and you are responsible for any deductibles or co-pays.

If you have a different insurance, my self pay fee is $4500 or $4000 if paid by 30 weeks. This includes the retainer fee. After the birth of your baby, I will bill your insurance company for all care and whatever they pay out, minus billing fees, will be reimbursed to you.

If finances are an issue, please discuss them with me so we can develop a solution. All fees are payable with a payment plan over the length of your pregnancy. A deposit of $500 is necessary to start care.

I also offer Well Woman Gynecological care, Contraception management, pre-conception counseling, and other related services. I can bill these all to insurance. If you are out of network, self-pay fees are:

  • Well-woman care - $150 for new clients, $100 for return clients
  • Private consult prior to initiating care - $50
  • Additional home visits besides 36 weeks and 2 postpartum visits - $50/visit

Contraception Services:

  • IUD placement - $150
  • IUD checks and removal - $50
  • Nexplanon placement and removal - $150
  • Diaphragm fittings - $50
  • Other contraception prescriptions and management - as part of a regular well-woman visit

I am able to accept payment via cash, check and credit card. There is a 3% service fee for credit card payments. You may use Health Savings or Flexible Savings accounts to pay for my services. I am also open to bartering a percentage of the fee.

Billing Fees:

I work with a billing company that has extensive experience billing home births and midwifery services. Their fees are:

Verification of Benefits - $25

Submitting Final Bill after birth - $75 + 8% off fees paid by insurance company